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What Defines A "good" Teacher And A "bad" Teacher?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by seaturtle, Feb 21, 2009.

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    seaturtle Member

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    I'm sure we've all had teachers in our lives. Most of us can easily make the distinction between a good teacher and a bad teacher. But we all have different ideas about what "good" and "bad" teachers are.

    This is my opinion...

    A good teacher is one that has good teaching styles, understands and listens to his or her students, is kind, helpful, and caring, and who makes sure that they give attention to the students individually. I've had plenty of good teachers in the past, but one of the best has been my Algebra teacher this year. He has all of the traits listed above, plus he has a great sense of humor. He gives special attention to all of us, and makes sure that we understand the material. And he's just an all-around nice guy.

    A bad teacher is one that does not connect with the students whatsoever. He or she will not teach the material effectively and will not spend individual time with his/her students. An example of a bad teacher would be my current Art teacher. Not only is she nasty and ruthless, but she doesn't teach us! She literally sits behind her desk every class and gives us ridiculously hard assignments without telling us how to do them. And she expects us all to have immeasurable talent and produce masterpieces within a couple weeks. :rawr: She is a horrible grader and no one likes her. That might sound mean, but this woman is seriously horrible. And she looks exactly like this.

    Of course, there are teachers that fit in between these two categories. Some are just "neutral."

    So, your thoughts?
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    Luke. ~ The Official RPG-D Welcoming Committee

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    There's one example I have for a good teacher and he's a student. lol. He will listen to everything you have to say, all the questions you have, give his insight and agree with what you have to say and elaborate a bit more, or say, "Well, you see...." something like that. Just talking with him about a particular subject is a learning experience. I learned more about econ and government in two hours than I did in two years.
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    katigori British Geek Cat

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    Good teachers are ones who encourage you to work it out for yourself. They inspire you to be interested in subjects, to look at the world differently and challenge their views. As school teachers, a couple of my favourites were absolutely hated by others, but they made you think for yourself, or went the extra mile to help me out.

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