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The Borgias

Discussion in 'Media' started by SirWilliam, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Michael Hirst (creator, writer, and executive producer of The Tudors on Showtime) is taking a stab at the Borgia family.

    I'm really excited because I know very little about this family and Italy during this time. My focus has nearly always been on England and France. I'm sure the historical accuracy will be hit and miss, but at the very least I'm hoping this new show inspires me to dig into primary and secondary sources.

    Here is Showtime's official announcement of the show: Click!

    Thoughts? Is anyone familiar with the House of Borgia during the Italian Renaissance?

    My one fear is that the show will feel the same as The Tudors with different actors, costumes, and scenery. I'm hoping the writers and producers pull out all of the stops to bring more interesting history into the secular mainstream. :D

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