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I Don't Like Boats

Discussion in 'Fiction & Stories' started by Kajouka, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I Don't Like Boats

    “This way! Come on, hurry, take my hand.”

    “I can’t keep up, just go without me.”

    “No, I’m not leaving you down here. Who knows when the lights will go out, and you’re always afraid of the dark.”

    “Am not!”

    “Are too!”

    “Stop it, I am not! I just don’t want to run anymore.”

    “We’re hardly running as it is, with all these people around us.”

    “Well some of them are running too, and some of them are pushing. I don’t like all these people anymore.”

    “You’ve never liked people. Here, up these stairs.”

    “What was that!”

    “Just a creak. It’s no big deal.”

    “It sounded like a big deal, ok.”

    “It sounded like you need to get up those stairs and keep on going.”

    “I don’t like stairs.”

    “You’ve never liked stairs. Just get.”

    “But it’s loud up there!”

    “It’ll be louder down here if you don’t get going. Here, I’ll tug you up. Just keep putting one foot above the other. There you go, don’t trip. John! I said don’t trip!”

    “I didn’t mean to. I told you I don’t like stairs.”

    “Well nothing good will come of staying here. And we probably have another five flights to go.”

    “Can’t we take the lifts?”

    “No, we can’t take the lifts. We’ll take the stairs.”

    “Where’s MaMa?”

    “Ya heard her. She told us to go and she’d be on her way behind us just as soon as they let her.”

    “I miss MaMa.”

    “Well, she’ll wallop you good, if you don’t do as you’re told. And she told you to come with me and go to the top and not to stop ‘til we got there.”

    “Doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

    “You haven’t liked anything yet, so I’m not surprised. Up these stairs too.”

    “I still don’t like those either.”

    “I’ll not like you one.”

    “How many more stairs?”

    “Maybe three more flights. Look, we just take these here and I can hear more people.”


    “What now?”

    “That girl, she pushed me. She pushed me hard.”

    “I doubt she meant to.”

    “I think she was tryin’ to push me down the stairs! I told you I didn’t like them! Now you know why!”

    “She didn’t try to push you. Look, there’s the night sky, last flight. Up you go. Come on.”

    “It’s so loud up here. And there are too many people.”

    “We don’t have a choice. Where else we gonna go?”

    “Back to MaMa.”

    “MaMa told us to go. She told us to go and she told me to take you. Do you think I want to leave her down there with all the others?”


    “Alright then, hush your mouth.”

    “I don’t like hushing. I don’t wanna.”

    “Don’t matter much. I can hardly hear you anyway. Over here. They’re loading over here. Hey! Take us! Please!”

    “I don’t wanna leave MaMa!”

    “I told ya, she’ll be along soon. But I promised her I’d get you on one of these boats and I’m not going to break that promise. Here, let him help you over the side. In the boat.”

    “I don’t like boats!”

    “You’re still going.”

    “You’re coming too right?”

    “Of course. See? I’m in too. Sit down before you fall over. There, I’ll hold you.”

    “Matty, I’m scared.”

    “John, I’m scared too.”

    “What if MaMa doesn’t make it? What if she goes down with the rest of the big ship?”

    “She’ll make it. They promised. There’s another ship coming to save us. And we’ll see her soon. Until then, you just be good and stay here with me, and these people will row us away so other people can get in the boats. See? We’ll be alright. As long as we’re together.”

    “We’ll always be together?”


    Dedicated to the 100th year since the sinking of the Titanic. Always remember humans aren't infallible, and the youngest and most innocent are hurt when we forget.

    - April 14th, 1912
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