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A.i Does Not Stand For Artificial Intelligence

Discussion in 'Character Wanted Archives' started by Chele, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Forum Name: Interitus
    Forum Genre: Original Sci-Fi
    Short forum description: Interitus is an original sci-fi site set in the fictional city of Adlai after a race of aliens (the Adveni) has invaded and taken over Earth, forcing humans to be the lesser species.
    We're a no word count, relaxed, fun site, putting the basis on writing and character/plot creation.

    Character Search: So, there are three positions for leaders of one of our rebel groups (Sects) available. These leaders are for the A.I, formerly known as Amnesty International. The A.I are known in Adlai for helping people in need and giving medical attention to those who need it.
    We have two canon/adoptable characters available for these leaders, and one completely open original character, so if you like the idea, but don't like either of the characters given, know that you can still apply for the original.

    Canon 1:

    ----- LOCKEBY

    Age: 36

    Play By: Emily Deschanel

    Race Human
    Sect/Rank A.I / Leader
    Summary LOCKEBY grew up around Amnesty International. Taken to rallies and protests for different causes since her childhood, it was pretty obvious she would join the fight someday. Lockeby is all about the cause, and thinks anyone who needs it should be helped.

    Canon 2:

    Age 51

    Play By: open

    Race Human
    Sect/RankA.I / Leader
    Summary Much sterner than his two leader counterparts, PRINCE always worries about the security of the A.I and is much less trusting of the new members that are brought in. Some people think he'd be more suited to the Eighth Army as an ex marine medic, but he prefers fixing people up to beating them down.

    Both of these canons have been previously played, and their previous sign ups are available for viewing to new members. Lockeby never posted past the sign up, so anything you choose to do with the character is up to you. There are a few things that Valentin would be expected to know about through past posts, but it's relatively small pieces of information that a new member can be quickly filled in on. (It is nothing that would alter the character's personality, just a few things that he would already know about, for example, the injuries of Jacob Stone, and what happened to Georgianna Lennox - both my characters, so I can fill you in.)

    Board Link: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Interitus/
    Link to your account: Chele
    Contact Info: Contact me either here (in this thread or via PM) or on Interitus. If you want MSN to discuss these characters or ideas further, please message me.
    Additional Information/Notes: None really. We're always happy for new members and new ideas for the site. If anything doesn't fit for an idea, please contact me, I am happy to discuss alternatives.

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