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Apr 23, 2014
Feb 2, 2010
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Aug 13, 1992 (Age: 22)
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Graphic Design Major

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Spaztastic Awesomesauce, Female, 22, from COLORADO

Muse.... 4 posts in an hour isn't enough for you?? I don't HAVE any more posts. OMG. I do love this feeling thoughh. Apr 3, 2014

Ryea was last seen:
Apr 23, 2014
    1. Ryea
      Muse.... 4 posts in an hour isn't enough for you?? I don't HAVE any more posts. OMG. I do love this feeling thoughh.
    2. Ryea
      This is why I don't have a graphics shop up.... I forget about requests I take. *headdesk* (at least person its for hasn't complained.)
    3. Ryea
      It's amazing how much better you can feel about a class after talking to the teacher about it. #imnotgonnafailit!!!
    4. Ryea
      Whoot! Officially have my own website now. Yay. Now I just need to build it myself instead of just using preexisting wordpress theme.
      1. Memoria
        Hey, Ryea, if you didn't know blankslate is a good wordpress template if you want a theme with pretty much nothing. http://wordpress.org/themes/blankslate I use this all the time for wordpress sites!
        Mar 11, 2014
      2. Ryea
        Whoot, thank you. That will be helpful, so helpful, when I get to building it.
        Mar 11, 2014
    5. Ryea
      Moving out is looking like a strong possibility soon. Yay! Getting really excited about this too.
    6. Ryea
      Wheee..... I might be moving out into my own place-ish. (Renting out a basement. Basement has its own door, bathroom, AND kitchen.)
    7. Ryea
      Yay. Coding.... coding.... coding.... HOMEWORK. *headdesk
    8. Ryea
      Rain = some cool pictures taken by me. Yay. I love photography.
    9. Ryea
      Boom. Guess who took a logo from sketch to actual logo in.... SEVEN minutes? Yup. Me. Bow down to me.
    10. Ryea
      So... Doing a logo for the logo contest, made one last night, scrapped it today, did one today that i dreaming LOVE
    11. Ryea
      1. Azrax likes this.
      2. Azrax
        Thanks for trying to get the word out there <3
        Mar 4, 2014
      3. Ryea
        Welcome! ^^
        Mar 4, 2014
    12. Ryea
      Yay! My character request is now up on the D. Maybe someone will bite on it soon? Yeah?
    13. Ryea
      I have been sick an entire week now.... Ughhh. I just want to stop coughing. And feel like a normal human being again.
    14. Ryea
      Yayyy! I have found a site. And i'm thinking about trying to find a second one. Yay.
      1. Vii likes this.
    15. Ryea
      Wow... I never realized stepping away from my genre i role play would leave me so excited about new ones. ^^
      1. Vii likes this.
    16. Ryea
      I so can not wait until I'm no longer sick.... UGhhh......
    17. Ryea
      Ughhhh...... I thought i was getting better..... Now i just feel worse, wtf body. Make. Up. Your. Mind. #sick. #ugh
    18. Ryea
      BAhahaha..... I just noticed I have 69 likes.... *cue mind falling into gutter and inappropriate laughter*
    19. Ryea
      Yay.... Thank you SO much throat and head for feeling crappy and hurting as SOON as my class starts. Thank you for that. ><
    20. Ryea
      Yeah...... I WOULD be the one to break out of most of a cold by singing.... By singing Let it Go. NOT THE EASIEST SONG TO SING.
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    Aug 13, 1992 (Age: 22)
    Home page:
    Graphic Design Major
    Favourite Genre:
    Uhhhh... I dunno really. I'd have to say fantasy/fantasy schools though. Cuz' I know hunger games doesn't count as a genre.
    Roleplay Experience:
    Uh.... 3-4-5 years, maybe 6? I've mostly rped with the same group of people though, the friends who introduced me to roleplaying.
    Staffing Experience:
    I've mostly just be an admin on Clayson's and spin off sites from it.
    How did you get into roleplay?:
    Friends. Dragged me into it. Enough said.
    How did you find RPG-D?:
    Uhhh..... I dunno. I really don't remember. I think I stumbled on the 'D via google, but I could be wrong.
    I'm a 20 year old graphic design major. :) I love graphics, I love designing, I LOVE fonts and typography, I just really love it all. So, I'm so happy I'm finally just majoring in graphic design. I also like writing, I mostly write lyrics, singing, and music. But, then again, singing and music and piano and guitar go along with the writing lyrics thing. Ahaha.

    I have a cat named Bella, I love her to death. She's awesome. She's so cute too. She's black and white, with white 'socks' on her paws.

    I have a boyfriend that I love dearly. He was the first guy who ever asked me out, that was like 5/6 years ago, maybe even more than that. That date never happened, but, I don't really think it matters now. Yeah.

    I think that's all ya'll really need to know. :)


    Windows Live:
    [email protected]
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