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Jun 22, 2011
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Sometimes I am glad my spinal injury means I feel no pain, I had a student nurse take 10 vials of blood today, hehe. Oct 14, 2013

    1. Miasma
      Sometimes I am glad my spinal injury means I feel no pain, I had a student nurse take 10 vials of blood today, hehe.
    2. Miasma
      Launched the latest sidebar updates... and wow. All looking rather fantastic!
    3. Miasma
      I think I might be ready to admin. My approach to people on the internet is more clinical (thanks to experience & my psychology degree).
    4. Miasma
      This SQL issue has gone on too long & has created too many issues. Members cannot even REGISTER properly. Anyone know a coder I can pay?
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      2. Miasma
        Haha, I didn't think otherwise @Elijah ! If @Drae had not done all she could do I would not have posted this status. ;) We have been confused over it for months.... The database is broken basically. Gonna try a few things, maybe change software. We shall see. Thanks for the link! I checked out some folks and their rates are very reasonable, so thank you so much! :D
        Oct 8, 2013
      3. Elijah
        Good luck! Maybe you'll accidentally hire me.
        Oct 8, 2013
      4. Miasma
        Hey, if you can fix SQL/PHP then I will hire you. I "know" you and am sure @Drae trusts you. :P
        Oct 9, 2013
    5. Miasma
      A member made a Broodmother, now we have an influx of Wardens. Blightplague plot anyone? ;P
    6. Miasma
      Just revamped our newbie guide... it is intriguing to see how much changes from when you first launched a forum...
    7. Miasma
      I love it when new members throw themselves into the deep end. Makes RPing so much fun!
    8. Miasma
      I love my characters but I HATE writing profiles... gahhhhhhhhhhhh.....
      1. Alandree likes this.
      2. Alandree
        SAME! Writing profiles can be just TORTUROUS to me at times XD
        Sep 28, 2013
      3. Miasma
        It's just boring, though I know there is a purpose, especially for my board, sometimes I am like "I do not know what they are like! I have not RPed them yet! Grrrr!" lol
        Sep 29, 2013
      4. Alandree
        Sep 29, 2013
    9. Miasma
      Looks like I need another increase in pain meds. Also have a lumbar puncture booked for the morning after my birthday. Yay -_-
    10. Miasma
      We are getting loads of new folks because of Inquisition! Who else wants to write in the Dragon Age setting? If so, PM me!
      1. Atroposian likes this.
    11. Miasma
      Anyone got an idea of where I can hire someone to fix SQL errors?
    12. Miasma
    13. Miasma
      Spinal cord is damaged, numb legs permanent. Time for physio and a lot of work to get me mobile. *crosses fingers* Spinal tap soon as well.
    14. Miasma
      MRI results came back - probably not MS *is relieved* Will find out more about my broken neck at the specialists.
      1. Jade Waters likes this.
      2. Jade Waters
        Jade Waters
        omg sweetie I'm so glad it wasn't MS. I hope for good news about the broken neck when you see the specialists.
        Sep 2, 2013
    15. Miasma
      Finally getting answers on Monday. Hopefully can shove my diagnosis up ATOS' ass.
    16. Miasma
      Its three days later and I am still recovering from that MRI. Four scans, one of them my brain, journey was painful too...
      1. daenelia
        *hugs* It will pass. Find distraction, take care of yourself.
        Aug 24, 2013
      2. Miasma
        Thanks love. I am sleeping a lot tbh, but watching the Wire and other boxsets because I can't really focus on writing, which is frustrating.
        Aug 24, 2013
    17. Miasma
      1. Sookie Stackhouse likes this.
      2. Sookie Stackhouse
        Sookie Stackhouse
        I left my comment for them. I want to see some character models.
        Aug 23, 2013
      3. Miasma
        Mmmm, me too. Though the male models are seen somewhat in the gameinformer stuff on youtube. ^^ I am loving the look of this game though. Seems like we get to see all of Thedas. :D
        Aug 23, 2013
    18. Miasma
      I am going to be taking time off work/study to play Dragon Age Inquisition. This game looks fricken AWESOME. Am so glad we have CoT.
      1. Sookie Stackhouse and daenelia like this.
      2. daenelia
        It does look awesome :) Looks like I will be having something to do during long winter nights.
        Aug 21, 2013
      3. Miasma
        It looks beautiful, and they say you can explore EVERYTHING... I swear, I never left Whiterun because of barrels, so will need to control myself and get on with plot things. :D All of Thedas too. I think we might get a few folks wanting to RP Inquisitors, lol.
        Aug 21, 2013
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