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Jul 23, 2014 at 12:11 AM
Mar 17, 2009
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Mar 12, 1986 (Age: 28)
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Her Cerulean Condescension, Female, 28, from USA

If I never again see a female character described on a book jacket as "strong willed" it will be too soon. Jul 19, 2014 at 1:13 AM

Cobalt was last seen:
Jul 23, 2014 at 12:11 AM
    1. Cobalt
      If I never again see a female character described on a book jacket as "strong willed" it will be too soon.
    2. Cobalt
      I think I figured out how to browse reddit without dealing with douchebags. It is a miracle!
    3. Cobalt
      Gross. Cissexist collaborators in a CBox complaining that we aren't giving them their due. Wah. Cry more.
      1. Cecil Gershwin Palmer
        Cecil Gershwin Palmer
        Jul 18, 2014 at 12:00 AM
      2. Cobalt
        *spins around singing You Must Not Know 'Bout Me forever and ever and ever*
        Jul 18, 2014 at 12:04 AM
    4. Cobalt
    5. Cobalt
      Someone needs to find me a forum that RPs in the HPMoR universe.
    6. Hero Prinny
      All that candy corn in your sig, I've never even eaten the stuff but it looks glorious! xD
      1. Cobalt likes this.
      2. Cobalt
        Jun 16, 2014
    7. Cobalt
      UTERUS HAVERS: HEED MY WORDS. Trader Joe's sells coffee with unsweetened cocoa and fudge oil in it. Buy it and pacify your period.
      1. Johanna's Striptease likes this.
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      3. Cobalt
        The internet will charge you out the ass for it, but in stores it should be like six dollars a canister. You can get it online, though! Or you could get a hookup who'll mail it to you. For something like this, I would do it. It's worth itttttt
        May 22, 2014
      4. Xalcen
        As a nonuterus haver, I have to admit that this actually sounds good.
        May 22, 2014
      5. Cobalt
        It's for everyone! I am just using it to engage in mortal combat with a particularly mischievous internal organ, and I bet others would get use out of it as well!
        May 22, 2014
    8. Cobalt
      "Approx. 40 Anopheles species are able to transmit malaria well enough to cause significant human--" "NOT ALL MOSQUITOES"
    9. Cobalt
      "It's raining men! Hallelujah it's raining m--" "NOT ALL MEN."
    10. Cobalt
      "Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodb--" "NOT ALL EGGS"
    11. Cobalt
      "Flood warnings continue for the followi--" "NOT ALL WEATHER"
    12. Cobalt
      "I like studying Pompeii even though it was such a disas--" "NOT ALL VOLCANOES"
    13. Cobalt
      1. Viscount Rhi-Rhi likes this.
      2. Cobalt
        (not all men)
        May 14, 2014
    14. Cobalt
      "I know that they do not want me to climb. I know inside that being a boss means making these bitches get back on their jobs."
    15. Cobalt
      "Took all my doubt, whipped it into submission and forced my ambition to step into line. I know that they do not want me to shine. "
    16. Cobalt
      "Gone for a minute but back on my grind. Promise you you are no match for my mind."
    17. Cobalt
      I just ordered business cards with only my internet contact info on them. #nerdlife #alsoIhavestalkers
    18. Cobalt
      My cat is making Skeksis noises. mmMMMMMMMMmm
      1. Putresce likes this.
      2. Fierce Gwen
        Fierce Gwen
        Those always scared me as a kid. *shudders*
        May 5, 2014
      3. Putresce
        HMMMMMmmmMMMMMMmmmm. *Chamberlain whimper*
        May 5, 2014
    19. Cobalt
      Sneaking out to the neighbor's gardens to put down some daffodils in the dark of night.
      1. Cobalt
        (Fear not, I do have permission. Nonetheless. There are three daffodils out there now and shit's about to get seriously real along the back chainlink fence.)
        Apr 29, 2014
    20. Cobalt
      "[Gossipers] become frightened when they see your face, and a little word from your mouth makes them vibrate like an electrocuted criminal."
      1. Cobalt
        ― Michael Bassey Johnson
        Apr 29, 2014
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    Mar 12, 1986 (Age: 28)
    Home page:
    World Creation
    Favourite Genre:
    Cyberpunk, fantasy, or misc. post apocalyptic stuff. Mix and match as you like.
    Roleplay Experience:
    Cyberpunk (Shadowrun), Fantasy (original settings preferred), Star Wars, Superhero (original settings), Post-apoc werewolf.
    Staffing Experience:
    Multi-genre community (Admin). Post-apoc werewolf setting (Admin). Star Wars (Admin). Original superhero setting (Moderator).
    How did you get into roleplay?:
    I was introduced to it by the person I would later marry when we were both still in college.
    So... for the record...

    I'm actually very animated and outgoing. On my list of possible future career paths I have listed "abortion counselor" and "mime." I wear wild colors and bold lipstick and earrings that look like sushi. My jackets are either military surplus or look like they were cut from a crazy old lady's couch. I'm not withdrawn or taciturn. I laugh loudly and swear a lot. My hair is an excellent color, and not my natural one. I find goats irresistibly cute. I talk to strangers. I have lied two times in the last six months, and in the next six I hope to cut that down to zero. I wear colorful hats.

    A lot of thorny and observant dames in fiction are isolated social misfits whose witty retorts and cutting insights are heard only by an audience they've no reason to believe they have. That's not me. That's probably why a lot of people never see me coming. They're looking for Daria. They're looking for Wednesday Addams, or Lydia Deetz, or Lisbeth Salander. The girl that you can hear laughing from all the way down the hall? Nah. She's probably cool. Go tell her that homophobic joke you just heard. She'll love it.

    Much as I joke about how I'm a toon or such a perfect stereotype, there aren't actually too many female people like me in my movies or books. I'm a woman with a mouth like a flamethrower and I'm happy. Someday the universe will come to terms with this seeming contradiction. I'm just puzzled as to what exactly is so hard about it. I don't seem like such an unlikely creature to me.


    Google Talk:
    [email protected]
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