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 Secrets Site Revealed On A Tv Show Jck. Beach Town

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   Aug 10 2018, 06:16 PM
name of site: in darkness bind them
link to site:
opening date: spetember 2018. The lastest october 2018.
site plot: there's nothing like drama, and hillcrest has alot of it! Friends and enemies abound to lead a groundbreaking new reality television show where all your favorite small town local's lives become a huge phenomenon. As if it wasn't bad enough for head cheerleader, Emily Benet's pregnancy sistuation to be revealed to the entire school, imagine if it was revealed to the entire world!

Luckily for her, rome wasn't build in a day, and it took almost five years for the show to be ready to hit the small screen. Set in real time that branched from that disastrous secret being revealed set in season one due to the television producer being in town on vacation, in darkness bind them follows North Carolina's secretive beach small town's citizens as their lives and the drama of them unfold in the public eye for the world to see.

Don't forget to smile for the camera!

kind of staff needed: founders (3), admins(4), mods (4), coders, graphical, advertisters, plot/site event/ news shaker uppers

requirements: must be 18+. I am currentky seeking out opened minded creators with fresh new ideas for a secrets filled site. Other unique details that can improve the site's pressences. I am looking for someome who knows how to run a site on jcink. Don`t ditch on the first day. I'd prefer if you were in it for the long all. I am also looking for any kind of staff memeber above to keep the peace on the site, needing someone to help keep the rules firm and making surw no harrasment is being done, or help with any problems occuring. Also you would be the welcoming committee to new guest thaf arrive. And if your experinced as a staff memeber would be an added bonus. Willing to be open minded and crwative with fresh new ideas. You dont have to be a coder or graphics person, but it would help. Last thing i need advertisters.

responsibilites welcoming new members, sorting memebers, coming up wiyh fresh new ideas, updating ratio and claims, help keeping the board running, coming up with fresh site events, being activte, updating our graphics and coding, getting the word out about the board, board maintance, being friendly and helpful, shaking up theplot, pushing the plot along as nessarcy, answering questions, updating canons hanging out in the cbox/discord. Enforcing the rules.

other: im orginally from ct. Moved to sc three years ago almost. Im a new avon rep and trying to figure out my business. I go by ralee in the roleplaying world. I am a woman and twenty nine. I love fictional stories envoving superntaural things, like vamps wolfs, humans hybrids. Or crime shows. You can contact me at pm here, email: this thread.

ideal applicant: you must be 18+. Willing to be dedicated and in it for the lomg haul. Somebody coming up with fresh new ideas, open minded for the secrets filled site in a small beach town with secrets being aired on national televisoon. Somebody whom knows what they are doing and how they are doing it. Cant stress this enough please dont have a busy schedule. Dont drop off the team instantly. Please know your way around jcink. I am looking for some one who can be on the site when i cant be. Sorry wrote this on my phone so there might be errors.
Thank you for reading! Hope you join!

[b]What job are you applying for:[/b]
[b]How. Long have you been rp:[/b]
[b]example of yor work:[/b]must have examples of graphics coding or previous sites
[b]some things about you:[/b]
[b]anything important youd like to tell me:[/b]

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