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 CC#39: Happy Father's Day!

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   Sep 3 2016, 01:37 AM
CC#39: Happy Father’s Day!

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CLOSING DATE: September 17TH

“It’s not Father’s Day, Hyde…?”

Yeah, about that. In Australia, Father’s Day is tomorrow!

So in honour of all of dads, I thought we’d do something a little quirky just for them! Do you remember those mugs with cheesy slogans you’d buy for your dad? Or the tie he said he loved, but he never wore because he just isn’t a tie man? Or the shirt, with the dad joke scrawled across it? Yeah? GREAT. You’re going to make one!

Below are three images that you can take and manipulate for your entry! You may print and colour them by hand, or do it through paint, photoshop, or whatever else you have at hand.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

  • Everyone who participates will get a space in my signature for their sites affiliate button for two weeks.
  • All entries must be suitable for the workplace.
  • No more than two entries per member, please, and they must be sent in the same PM!
  • It'd be appreciated if images stayed at the size of which they’re given
  • PM’s of entries must be titled “CC39 Happy Father’s Day!”
  • Entries must be sent by September 17th.
  • Winners announced October 1st.
  • All entries are to be PM'd to me, @"Lady Hyde" using the code below.

Link to profile:
Site Name:
Site Button:
Site Description: (no more than 20-30 words, please)


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