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 Come to Take Me Home

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   Oct 22 2017, 04:43 PM
Preferred Word Count: No word count, please. This is a hard limit.
Preferred Violence Content: Anything as long as it is host server TOS-compliant.
Preferred Sexual Content: Anything as long as it is host server TOS-compliant.
Preferred Level: Any.

Looking for: Gifted games, primarily. I like to play powered people. In a town setting or a school setting, what have you.
Otherwise, I'll look at: Star Trek (OC-only, preferably post-Voyager, Prime timeline only); X-Men movieverse; real life with a twist; non-fandom science fiction; special schools (if I can play an adult, not heavily magic-based), certain panfandoms, unique personified (non-Disney)
Not Looking for: (Bear with me; I know this is long)
-Harry Potter
-Disney/Disney Personified
-Star Wars
-DC outside of Nolan-verse Batman only
-Hunger Games
-Animals or Furries
-High Fantasy
-Urban fantasy (the type with angels and demons, a million types of fae, vampires and werewolves)
-Real life without a twist
-Zombie apocalypse
-Marriage Drafts

-Stats or Dice-based games
-Games that require you to purchase goodies through stores or earn character types or powers through posts
-Fandoms outside of the parameters of what I listed in the "looking for section"
-Strict activity rules (my ideal is one post per month requirement; I will not join anything with more than two per month)
-Word counts
-Chat based games as opposed to forum-based

Willing to look at other sites not listed?: I will look at something not on my "looking for" list but not at something on my "not looking for" list. I know I'm picky, but this is to save both my energy and yours because I can't join something from my "not looking for" list.

Other notes:

I have time and want to get integrated into a smaller community. Sometimes I rapid fire, and sometimes I need to take breaks between posting periods due to RL, which is why I can't join a game with a weekly activity requirement. Smaller games are better for me; I don't like feeling overwhelmed in a giant game, and I fear those days are behind me.

For X-Men games, I have a small cache of canons that I'll go through if I want to play a canon; if I can't play any of them - because they're taken, because they're non-playable, or because of faction rules - I'll want to make an OC instead. I don't feel comfortable playing other canons.
For X-Men games, if I can't play movieverse, I'll look at 616 but I'd prefer anything prior to Civil War, or, barring that, before the universe was taken over by Nazis. I don't accept the canon revision that the Maximoff twins and Magneto are unrelated.

I'm not looking for pan-Marvel at this time.

For Star Trek, I'm open to station, ship, or planetary.

For "real life with a twist" - some twists I've enjoyed in the past have been: mass amnesia, cloned/personified historical figures, cults, certain types of alternative history, fictional characters getting sucked into the real world.

For panfandoms - If I choose a powered canon, I would like to play them with some form of powers even if those powers have to be hobbled for game cohesion.

I love to play older characters and/or characters with disabilities, so I would prefer a setting where I can accommodate this and won't be the only one with a middle-aged character.

I'm not good at coding so I'd prefer that post templates aren't mandatory.

Thank you for your time. Happy nearly Halloween!

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   Oct 22 2017, 06:56 PM
I think I have the place for you! We're an AU based X-Men site, and while we take some inspiration from the films and the comics we are based off neither (The Maximoffs are related to Magneto! There are no Nazis!). I don't know what canons you usually play, but we still have a LOT available, so I bet at least one of them is there... if not, we do accept OCs! Post templates are not mandatory (in fact we prefer not using them), and you certainly wouldn't be the only middle aged character.

Come check us out and see if we're for you!


user posted image


Welcome to X-Men: Divided We Fall, an alternate-universe X-Men RPG; because we follow neither movies nor comics, but take inspiration from both

Join in, and you will find:
  • Mutants are known, feared, hated. Sometimes threatened. Sometimes worse.
  • Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters offers safety and teaches peace and compassion.
  • The Brotherhood of Mutants awaits the return of leader Magneto, to protect mutantkind at any cost.
  • Canons and OCs welcome
  • Character-driven with board-wide plots. We lay the groundwork; you tell the story.

Choose a side. Join the fight.

user posted image

X-Men: Divided We Fall an AU X Men RPG that pulls inspiration from all forms of media to craft our own world. Canon and original characters welcome! No word count! We lay the ground work; you tell the story!  


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   Oct 23 2017, 12:17 AM

user posted image

Lost Souls is a light science fiction rpg inspired by shows like Dark Matter, Killjoys and many others that came before them. Revelry Station serves as a hub for criminal activity and a safe haven for people that don't want to be found. Humans, Enhanced Humans, Synthetics and the intelligent Barque Cats are all welcome but old prejudices still remain. Revelry may offer safe passage but its a dangerous place filled with cunning, capable survivors.

We are look for fun, passionate people that want to write exciting and adventurous stories. With a 2-2-2 Rating, we are 18+ and require no word count. Stay safe in the stars everyone and remember, the Warrant is All.


user posted image

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   Oct 23 2017, 12:55 AM
Hey there, Bellerophon! Nice to meetcha! Name's Lo-Fi! I play on an original spec/sci-fi site that's immersive, punchy, and weird with a unhealthly dose of MAD SCIENCE, mystery, and biome fever* (*cabin fever, but in space). Could be a good fit! I'll let you tell me! Let me give a rundown on the digs:
  • Sci-fi (Lite) with a condensed setting and minimal lore so it's easy to jump right in! #MAD SCIENCE #Space Biomes #Unreal Life™ #Clones & Androids Are People Too? Maybe?
  • We don't enforce a word count and allow both violent and sexual content, as we are a 333 site with a premium hosting subscription. Since we make use of content warnings it allows people to avoid content they would rather avoid while allowing fellow RPers to keep writing it.
  • It's all subjective, but I think we have a very fun & unique premise/approach! We try to encourage creativity the best we can, and there's a lot of fun ways to explore characters and the setting. We even have some of your favorite twists in play! See: mass amnesia and maybe take a look at our Marilyn Monroe clone or the android who is a composite sketch of American Gangster profiles.
  • We're a diverse community! We like to see characters encompass a range of experiences and our member base has not disappointed! We're super open to characters with disabilities and I think our average character age is about 30. We have everything from twenty-somethings to octogenarians, and even some octogenarians in newly twenty-something bodies! #cloning is best rejuvinant!
  • We're an adults-only game and so we absolutely expect you to have a life outside of us and want you to put that life first! We're a game, so feel free to treat us like one! We have no positing requirements; activity rules are only going to be checking to see that you log into your intern acct (ooc acct) once every two weeks. Feel free to take the game always  at your own pace!
  • Don't worry about templates, they're built in: looks pretty and you don't have to do a thing. Thank god too. I don't know anything about coding--I'd be drowning without that.
  • Super friendly community with active members, fun plots and characters, and good & spacey vibes! It's a cool scene and we're all rearing to get plotting/posting with you!
Feel free to hop into our CBOX or DISCORD at any point if you have questions. I'm around if you need me. Good luck with your search and Happy Halloween to you too!

user posted image

Think of Project TEDISON as a mandatory all-expenses paid vacation. A nice, relaxing place designed to record, report, and manipulate your natural inclinations in a controlled extraterrestrial dictatorship. Confused? You don't have to re-read it, just let it go! TEDISON is proud to offer such amenities as a library, individual sleeping capsules for mechanized participants, increased micro-surveillance technology, human sized trash compactors, and the universe's only simulated beach. Take 'me, myself, and I' to the next level with available computer memory transfers to artificial bodies and lab-grown clones with Project TEDISON - where SCIENCE! experiments on you!

★By reading this conclusive statement, you waive any and all necessary safety education procedures and accept responsibility for all personal changes physical, astrophysical, emotional, anatomical, and undefined past and present as well as agreeing to having a great and SCIENCE! filled day. Thank you for your cooperation!

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   Oct 24 2017, 08:42 PM
Hello Bellerophon! I think I might have just the place for you~
I'm going to offer Abstruse, a no-wordcount fantasy roleplay centred around those who display abilities that are inhuman in nature. It is set in an academy hidden within an evergreen forest in Europe and its doors are only open to those invited to attend. While it doesn't involve any wands or spellwork, a character can have up to 4 abilities so there's a lot of stuff you can do with that. We have several professors (+ a coach & a janitor) already on board so if you choose to make an adult character, they'd easily fit in!
We're a very friendly bunch, lax with activity requirements and we love getting new members so take a look around and see if it strikes your fancy c:

user posted image

JUST OPENED! Come join the fun! 

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   Oct 28 2017, 09:03 PM
user posted image
Site Link
They are two Camps, as we all know Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood, both living separately but there is peace between them, but deep in the far lands lays another Camp. A Camp that holds the mightiest of beings, a camp so terrifying others who tread into their territory never come out. There are rumors that this camp possess the children of the god's enemies, The Titans!!. Now these demi Titans weren't born naturally, they where created manufactured for only one purpose and that is to destroy the Olympians and their children. These rumros even gave a name for the far end camp...Camp Saturn, a camp only made for the Titan's children. They are a mystery seeing as no demigod has seen a demi titan with their own eyes , rumour spread among Camp Half Blood about these so called demi Titans after the demise of Camp Jupiter. The spread of war says theres a war coming but the only question is friends, after all the bloodshed, and the war and the tears who will stand triumphant the Titans or the Gods. Pick your side

This RP community is for any and all. Anyone that is interested in any one of these categories: cultural, sci-fi, violence, gore, death, obscene, sexual, romance, gritty, action, drama, comedy, thriller, horror, ancient, modern, etc, then this RP welcomes you. You are the only obstacle within your path. We wish for you to enjoy your experience with us. All roleplays are documented onto this sight, because who wants to do all that work only for it to be lost with time? Character growth is highly recommended. If you are not able to handle the processes in which of us in this group, nor respect it, then this RP is not for you. We hope that you take the time to roleplay with us in this RP. In addition, Dawn takes place on Discord. If you do not have Discord, and are not willing to create one, this RP is not available to you. We sincerely apologize. We await your decision

Discord Link

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   Oct 29 2017, 12:36 AM
Hello, Bellerophon!

We're not necessarily on your 'not looking for' list, and we're not necessarily on your 'looking for' list, either. But we do have something that might intrigue you? If we're not, then I apologize for taking up your time!

The site I'm about to pitch to you is, in fact, a supernatural creatures RP, but we boast about being 'lite on lore' with a rich background. Our lore is a spin on the folktale of Russia's Koschei the Deathless and how he was once the most powerful witch in all of the world and how he once coveted the heart of a young woman who was already taken. After a war between Koschei and the young woman's husband was fought and won, Koschei was placed into a magical slumber and had his heart ripped out of his chest and shattered into 13 pieces. Those 13 pieces were entrusted to 13 members of a single coven who then divided themselves into 13 more covens, all swearing to protect the pieces and keep them apart forever.

Fast forward approximately 300 years and only one piece of Koschei's heart remains broken from the rest and only one coven has continued to uphold the vows they made centuries ago. This coven has fled to the [fictional] town of Volstead, Maine and has remained cloaked and protected for 200 years. That is, until the human sacrifice they perform each summer to keep their town cloaked from the 12 other covens has gone terribly wrong and now they're exposed to the world. On top of that, the magic that has seeped into the town has gone completely haywire resulting in witches familiars developing human forms, some humans to develop magical abilities, and now even the dead are coming back to life.

Now that I've hopefully sold you on the basic premise of the site, let me explain about the rest of things.

We are a very laid-back community when it comes to RP. Our primary goal is character development and creating a place where your characters can not only thrive by character-driven plots but story arcs that encompass the entire site as well. Feasibly, you'd be getting two RPs in one with this deal. You'll have the freedom to create your own plots within the settings of what is going on during each story arc.

When it comes to activity, we are adults, we are an 18+ community [although currently, we do not have JCink Premium], that understands that real life, work, family, and many other stressors can factor in when it comes to a hobby. Our only activity requirement is logging in to each character account once every thirty (30) days.. That's it, nothing more. Essentially, we'd like to see at least one (1) post per character during this timeframe, but it is not required.

We do require real life face claims, however, we're very open on who you can and cannot use. Our basic rule is that if we can google them and figure out who they are, then they're generally good. This means that we do allow youtube personalities and the like. We do not have a +/-5 face claim age to character rule seeing as we feel like this puts a limitation on the usable face claims out there.

As for visibility, we have created a super simplistic, yet visually appealing skin that doesn't hurt the eyes, is usable across multiple screen resolutions, and works well with mobile devices -- even if you're not using the mobile version. We do not require posting templates and instead, we offer up hard-coded BBCode ones that are also simple and work well on mobile devices. There's even a second skin with much larger fonts for the information templates on the off chance that some of ours are still too small.

When it comes to community, I've been staffing fan-forums and RP forums for well over 8 years and I've been RPing for 8 now. I know what works and what doesn't work. I can spot clique behaviour from a mile away and I refuse to tolerate it on my sites. That being said, I love a good community that feels all-inclusive and like a family. We may not always get along, but not every family is 100% peaceful at all times, either. RP is a hobby and like any hobby, you are allowed to feel the way you want without worrying about what someone may think. Family is important to me and I love finding that in my RP communities and so I always strive to have it on my own.

We also would like to state for the record that although we cannot guarantee that we are a Safe Space, we are very welcoming to all LGBTQ+, POC, mental & physical disabilities, races, genders, sexualities, writing levels, and all that that encompasses. Derogatory slurs and remarks will not be tolerated and we want to make doubly sure that everyone knows that inboxes are open and we are willing to listen to you. This goes for anything. We want to create a welcoming and accepting environment for all.

If this sounds at all appealing to you, then please stop by our cbox and say hello. We do have a discord server for anyone interested in it, but I can assure you that the CBox does not go ignored.

  • Supernatural Creatures: Witches, Familiars, Ghost, Humans
  • 18+ [non-premium JCink], 3-2-2, welcoming + friendly adult community
  • Easy-to-navigate skin, very little required doHTML
  • No word count; quality over quantity, we don't even require post matching
  • Shipper app, no character caps or enforced ratios
  • Small town, fictional setting with an option for players to submit lore and setting tidbits
  • Lite lore with minimal reading and an 'open world' sort of magic
  • LGBTQ*, POC, etc friendly and welcoming [players and characters]

I go by Emily in the CBox and on Discord. And on the off chance I'm not around, look for Katlynn, our other staffer, or even Nat who is not staff, but was around for the entire creation process. Both lovely women can also answer any questions you may have!

user posted image

( home ) | ( plot ) | ( quick guide ) | ( species ) | ( wanteds ) | ( adverts ) | ( discord )

user posted image

user posted image

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   Oct 29 2017, 12:51 AM
QUOTE (Bellerophon)

Tagging purposes!

Hello Bellerophon! If you haven't found your RP home yet, I'd like to offer up Black Prism on the sacrificial alter! Black Prism is a unique modern fantasy technically a fandom--but the content is so AU and SO unique and growing all the time, we might as well be considered original (but really like to give credit where credit it due). All of our playable species are human-based with specific powers, we call them 'classes.' Each class has roots within known pieces of lore throughout multiple fandoms/genres, and each class is detailed on site (there's a lot, you're NOT required to KNOW all the lore to play, just what you're interested in to play the class you like and there's a synopses of each in the new player guide). 

What struck me about your wanted request is the 'posting requirement.' On BP we don't have one except for those positions that are considered 'leadership positions'. And our motto on BP is ALWAYS "RL comes first." We have members that rapid fire, just as you said you do, and we have members (like me) who post once a week or once every other week when they have time. 

If BP doesn't interest you, I hope you find your RP home soon!

If you have any questions or just wanna chat, I regardless like to make new friends feel free to hit me up on BP or on the 'D! 

<3 Delphi 

user posted image

There exists a constant power struggle, hidden from plain sight but clear to anyone who might get dragged under. The Chromeria, the Council of Colors, the Spectrum—use their manipulation of 'light' in both the sense of their magic and their sense of the world. They are drafters that summon luxin into their hands using light, like any magician with its wonders they've mesmerized the world. They spectacle their image in 'purity' but sell and manipulate like experts. Alternatively, the Sa'Kage, the Shadow, the Slums rules the darkness with an iron fist—the pride of their regime is their absolute ability to hostilely take over any opposing force with the Talent they wield.  Talent being the magical well inside of many people in this world, a pool of power from which to draw from the basic elements.  Dragging into both sides bickering pit of refuse are Vir-infected meisters that control the dead and construct manifestations, Vir-infected shapeshifters, gifted psychics and so much more.

Both are hubbed in Lochstone, Washington. And at the peak of new forged war now stands new creatures emerging from the works of the world. Creatures such as Fata with Domains of power far beyond the reaches of imagination, and more. What they have in common, is the power struggle in the throng of chaos. Whoever holds the cards in Lochstone… controls all the hubs around the world.

There only remains the decision… Whose side are you on?

Main Index // Guidebook // Advertisement // Link Back

No Word Count // No/Minimal Posting Requirements // Premium 18+ // Brent Weeks LightBringer & Night Angel AU // Modern Fantasy // Friendly Community // Several Playable Classes // Player Involvement Directly Influences World Development.

Do not let the book fandom deter you, most of our members have never read the series. All information is available on site, is mostly AU, and our members are more than willing to answer any questions.


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   Oct 29 2017, 02:40 AM
Hello Bellerophon! We at Uncanny Evolution offer you an open creative space for you to rediscover the X-Men Marvelverse! Our Earth is not 616, but the spin is familiar enough that you should feel right at home! Some of our highlights include:

- Original plot, where Mankind is creating laws to protect itself from Mutantkind;
- The possibility to shine through either canon or original characters, plus the potential to reinterpret some of these canons as well;
- A mix of familiar and new factions;
- A Jcink Premium, meaning a 3-3-3 setting with an adult and welcoming community;

Hope to see you around!


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   Oct 29 2017, 04:55 PM
Hmmm I've been debating posting... we hit some of you list and miss on a few but hey! Worth a try <3 and we'd love to have you check our site out.

Valhaven is an original supernatural site set in a small town, however, we don't have the usual horde of species. More the traditional supernaturals. Just witches, vampires, demons, and werewolves all of which are pretty "straightforward" without 20 variations of each species. We like giving players a rough framework so they can be creative and not get bogged down by tons of lore. Also, we have lots of "older" characters so you wouldn't be the only person playing someone over 25! 

As for the OOC end? We have optional rapid-fire events and a fun new bounty system (no shops just fun badges earned and bragging rights!). No word count. A small but active community. We do have monthly activity checks but those require one IC post from a char a month and are more so we don't have dead apps littering the site. Several of our players are in school/going back to school/have adult lives so we get that people get busy! When that happens we just ask for some heads up :)

Good luck on finding your new home!

user posted image

user posted image

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   Oct 30 2017, 05:06 AM
Perhaps horror will interest you? It's a survival horror, not a vampire/werewolf sort of horror.

user posted image

Flickering Darkness is a horror play-by-post roleplay that takes place in the small town of Pine Ridge Creek. The Decay, a strange phenomenon of rot and disgust, has spread out from the forest and infected the town, releasing monsters into what was once a peaceful town. With no help from the outside and no way to escape, the residents of Pine Ridge Creek are on their own.

The mayor has asked for any healthy adult resident who wishes to join a research team to learn more about the Decay. What they will find will haunt their dreams and tear them apart. Dare you join our team?

Home | Board Rules | Information Guide

user posted image[/url]

user posted image

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   Nov 1 2017, 03:11 PM
Hey there Ballerophon! Nice to meet you! It sounds like you might like our site!

I have Rise here, a sci-fi / dystopian rp set in year 4066 on Earth, where humanity has been split in color castes (like Blue, Green, Red etc) depending on people's social status & occupation.

A few of the many things we offer are:
  • lgbtq+ inclusivity
  • racial diversity
  • no post-in activity checks (monthly headcounts)
  • no word count
  • shipper & freeform app
  • jcink premium (L3 S3 V3)
  • our discord chat is also embedded into the site
  • light skin (+ fonts over 12px)
  • fun, laid-back & inclusive people to plot with
  • character driven
  • frequent site events & challenges with rewards
  • lots of wanted ads available!
  • characters of all ages & occupations welcome

user posted image


" Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future.
Will you accept your fate or will you fight against the system? "

user posted image

color coded society - premium jcink - shipper app - no wc

a Red Rising inspired sci-fi/dystopian roleplay
no book knowledge necessary to join

"Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future."

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   Nov 7 2017, 08:59 PM
I'm browsing through sites and poking C-Boxes, but I'm also still taking suggestions.

To everyone whose posted so far, thank you so much. I've been in and out of your C-boxes.

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   Nov 27 2017, 12:48 AM
A post-holiday bump, because I have an absurd amount of time on my hands right now and would love to keep looking.

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   Nov 27 2017, 01:15 AM
So, not sure if you like historical settings, but I have a historical western fantasy site? I guess that could be a real-life with a twist? It's actually the Wild West meets supernatural/steampunk sort of flavors. We also pull inspiration from Lovecraft horror, but knowledge of Lovecraft isn't a requirement.

We do allow people to play 'powered' characters, so long as there's a balance. Some people have actual magic, others have fun abilities. We don't allow angels and demons on the site, but we are open-world format. People are allowed to submit lore as they wish, but it's okay that people don't know all the types of creatures out there. Magic has only returned to the world within the past decade (publicly), so most people are still new to it. Most of us are 25+ years old, so we understand real life gets in the way sometimes.

We are a 3-3-3, no word count, short app, 18+ site.

user posted image

The Mythic Frontier is a historical fantasy set during America's Old West where the industrial revolution was replaced with a magical revolution, but it's not all sunshine and steam-powered mechanical horses. Magic attracts eldritch abominations from outside the bounds of reality, hell bent on devouring all that lives. Come visit wild west and shoot a shoggoth, wrangle unicorns, and fly rocket powered dirigibles.

Index | About Us | Lore | Advertising

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