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 Summertime #1 winner

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   Jul 10 2017, 01:42 PM

Our summertime #1 challenge winner with "Haiku of the Ocean's Daughter"  is symphonic. Here's the entry:

☼ Sun scintillating
off the surface of still water,
sea breeze moving foam
☼ the ocean calls me
and I am her first daughter.
Together, we plunge
☼ Wisdom wings the blue bird
like the fleet footed Mercury,
taking gentle lead.
☼ The sea and I her child
practice elegance, patience,
and cool synchronicity.
☼ The deep sea embraces me,
and she calls out to me, she parts the waters,
Poseidon's daughter!
☼ Have I, her daughter,
inherited the ocean's strength
to defeat the wise blue bird?

Kudos there. It was a lovely read.

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