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about me
I'm a 21 year old female living in AZ. I'm really not that interesting of a person. I've definitely been around when it comes to roleplaying, the good and the bad. I'm blunt and don't sugar-coat what I have to say, so if we get into a discussion and something I say offends you, please remember I don't go looking for fights. I'm just very honest and it's not everyone's preferred method of conversation so I know this can clash with people who are easily offended. But that's really not a big problem to me, just tell me when there's something I do you don't like and we can talk it out like adults. After all, if you don't tell me, how am I supposed to know?
Oh, also, I'm completely obsessed with HTTYD and Zeno from Yona of the Dawn. <3

As for social media, I'm not a big fan, I just dabble a bit in Twitter or Tumblr in my spare time. I don't enjoy sitting here typing about my day, no one cares. lol

If you want to contact me through Skype or Discord send me a PM.
Youtube will probably be linked once I'm able to make videos again.
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